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Bigg Boss Tamil 25-07-2017 Episode 31 – Sneha-Julie Win the Game

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 31 (25-07-2017) started with a peppy number and all the housemates dancing in the yard, while Oviya was making her solo dance moves.

Everybody was dancing while oviya making her own dance moves. Ganesh, Gayathri, Julie and Snehan performed their own awseome sync movies in a group.

There was a private conversation between Vayyapuri and Aarav about the recent Oviya-julie incident. Aarav thinks that in order to get trust of other’s you need to freak things out and make a scene by shouting, screaming and crying about your feelings. Vayyapuri tells Aarav that he feels Julie will be evicted this week as she is acting like a drama queen.

After a moment Bigg Boss assigns a cycling task to them, they were provided with 3 bicycles. One for kitchen, One for bathroom and the third one for the bedroom. The task was to keep inmates busy or keep cycling in order to get water in the kitchen and bathroom.  The bedroom cycle need to be keep cycled by the inmates in order to get bedroom function properly. Vayyapuri not feeling good with the task and was irritated. He said that he wake up early than everybody and he need to use the bathroom early. And he feels that it will be difficult to trouble others in the morning while Aarav consoles him saying that it’s a matter of three days and they are ready to help him.

There was a conversation about Raiza’s T-shirt text while the inmates were having their lunch. The text was ‘nah” in her T-Shirt. Oviya said that it’s a negativity and should not be present in the house. Then Raiza said that she should keep quiet at least while eating and the discussion can be discussed after eating. After this little incident oviya became emotional sitting with Aarav, Snehan, Ganesh and Vayyapuri.  She started crying while saying that nobody in the house understand and share her feeling.

After that Raiza was seen helping Gayathri in the kitchen. A voice came in the house calling the leader Snehan in the confession room. Bigg Boss asked Snehan to warn Raiza as she was doing something else than the task was assigned to her. As she is in the washing team and was not supposed to do the cooking task. Raiza is seen sad about the same.

Towards the end of the episode, Big Boss conducts a game for them with Gayathri, the captain. There were 4 teams with 2 contestants in 1. The game was won by Snehan-Julie pair. The inmates were gifted with 4 boxes of ice creams as a reward.

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