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Bigg Boss Tamil 01-08-2017 Episode 37 – Day 36

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 37 (01-08-2017) starts Bindu Madhavi choosing the contestants whom she likes and puts ordinal card number on each of them. She elects oviya as her favorite contestants and stick card number 1 on her while Julie was least liked by Bindu given her the card number 9. Contestants were unaware why she is sticking card on them and what was the motive behind this. Then she assigns task to each of them by grouping them into two groups. The losers have to jump in the swimming pool in the garden area.

Gayathri and Shakthi were asked to prepare tea, while Bindu selects Gayathri as the winner of the House. Vayyapuri, Ganesh and Snehan were asked to wear sari while snehan finishes the task last and ready to take the punishment. Aarav and Raiza were given the next task. Aarav gets chocolate from Bindu. The last group of Oviya and Julie is made to dance. Both of them perform very good and bindu confused as whom to select the winner. Then she ask the house mates to vote for any of the contestant and Julie win the task with more votes from the other contestants. Aarav gives his vote to Julie and it seems that Aarav – Oviya relationship is not going on well.

Ganesh tells shakthi that the play was not good as the latter’s characters was a bit dominating. And he said that every character should be equal while performing the task. Shakthi said the same the thing to Snehan.

Big Boss asks each house mates to nominate two people for elimination. Majority of the inmates vote against Oviya and she gets a total of 7 votes. The second highest vote goes to Julie. It is surprising to see that Aarav vote against Oviya and Oviya against Aarav. It seems some minor rift happened between them. Later Aarav is seen discussing about Oviya’s childish character to Ganesh.

Big Boss assigns another task to the house mates with the name ’ennappa sollavae illai’. Considering the Big Boss Tamil house as a mental hospital the house mates have to choose

1) whom to be given a ‘sudden shock treatment’,
2)whom to be given more dosage medicine,
3)who will go out from the house next after treatment.

Vayyapuri starts the task in a very humorous way and everybody has a good laugh. Shakthi thinks Bindu has to be given shock treatment to make her get adjusted with others. Each of the house mates chooses 3 contestants and explains their reason.

Towards the end of the Bigg Boss Episode 37 while having a fun conversation, Oviya tells Julie that she looks like a person came from other planet. Hearing it Raiza tells Julie that it is so mean of Oviya to make such comments but keeping silence is the best reaction to it.

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