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Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants 2017

Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil version of Bigg Boss Hindi or the original version Big Brother by Endemol Netherland. In this article I will share the Contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2017. Along with the names of the contestants I will provide the Age, Professional, location etc. The show is hosted by Tamil Super star Kamal Hassan.

Bigg Boss Tamil

15 Housemates of Bigg Boss Tamil

1) Shree

Shree is a young Tamil actor of Mysskin’s ‘Onaayum Attukuutiyum’. He is the first person to enter in Bigg Boss Tamil House. His latest film was ‘Maanagaram’. He is smart and expected to be a strong Bigg Boss Tamil Player.

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2) Vaiyapuri

Vaiyapuri is a tamilian comedy actor who had worked with many big tamil super stars such as Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay and Ajith. It is believed that Vaiyapuri will entertain in the house with his extremely funny jokes.

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3) Anuya

The ‘SMS’ actress made an entry with a dance performance on the show. Despite having acted in few Tamil films, this second contestant did not know the names of quite a few actors who later entered into the house.

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4) Bharani

Bharani is a tamilian actor who mostly do supporting roles in films. Bharani also made a mark on reality tv show air on Vijay TV. Earlier he was in some fight with other contestants and is expected to do the same in Bigg Boss Tamil House.

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5) Raiza Wilson

She is a model and contestant of Miss India and has also been crowned the Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile. The pretty and young Raiza is totally new to the Tamil audience and it would be interesting for them to see how she is in the house with the other well known celebrities.

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6) Snehan

Popular Tamil lyricist Snehan has written more than 200 Songs in Tamil movies, now making his small screen debut with his show. Let see whether he able to win the hearts of the audience with his talent.

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7) Oviya

Oviya is famous for Kalavani, she is the 8th contestants who worked with many big tamil actors such as Kamal Haasan. She did a very nice dance performance before entering the Bigg Boss House

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8) Harathi Ganesh

The popular tamil female comedian who just entered the show because her wanted to see how she would fare living without him. She was her funny best on the stage saying that her husband would be happy that she is gone for a 100 days and also continued with her comic dialogues into the house.

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9) Gayathri Raghuram

Choreographer and actor Gayathri Raghuram who has also turned into a director with ‘Yaathumaagi Nindral’, who stunned the audience doing split on Kamal Haasan’s request was the 4th contestant who entered the house.

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10) Aarar

The young model from Trichy is trying to get fame and recognition by entering the Bigg Boss Tamil Show. He have done more than 100+ ads and playing small role in Saithan.

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11) Ganja Karuppu

Ganja is a comedy actor and a very interesting candidate. He said that he would love to live in the house without cell phone as gadgets causes many issues. While he was happy to see lyricist Snehan in the house, he was also struck a chord with Oviya, who has worked with him in ‘Kalavani’.

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12) Juliana

Juliana is the girl who was in Jallikattu protests and it was a shocking to see her in the house with other celebrities. She started addressing men as brothers and ladies as sister to avoid any controversy.

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13) Namitha

Namitha was a big surprise when she stepped in the house. It looks like even Kamal Haasan didn’t aware of her entry in the house. The actress, who recently has taken to spirituality, said that the reason she chose to be on the show was to show change the image of hers among public.

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14) Ganesh Venkatram

For Ganesh Venkatram, who shared screen space with Kamal Haasan in Unnaipol Oruvan, it was nostalgia. Kamal said though they have no combination scenes together in the film, he had watched the scenes that involved Ganesh.

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15) Shakthi Vasu

Shakti Vasu surprised everybody when he said that his real name is Prashanth Vasu and he changed his name before entering the film industry. And guess where did he draw inspiration for his name? From none other than Kamal, who played Sakthivel in Devar Magan.

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Contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil looks interesting and quite different what we all expected. Let’s see how it goes and how every celebrity behave inside the house.

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