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Bigg Boss Tamil 28-07-2017 Episode 34 – Day 33

Bigg Boss Tamil 28th July 2017 started as Shakthi, Oviya and Gayathri begin dancing for the wake up song. Whereas Julie was seen talking to a butterfly outside the house because she was away from house for the task given to her. Julie was seen to behave something like Oviya and trying to be cute like her. Julie asked Raiza about what she would have done if she was the chinna bigg boss in yesterdays task. Raiza said she would slap oviya if she had a chance to some one in the house.

Snehan and Shakthi as ked oviya why she is behaving weird since last evening. Snehan offers help to oviya who is seen crying. Later snehan discussed good things about oviya. Oviya and Raiza seems to have an issue with the washing of vessel. Snehan, Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh form one team while the other team has Gayathri, Shakthi, Raiza and Arav with Julie being the judge for the cooking task. While Shakthi’s team wins, the losing team become the helpers for Julie, who selects Oviya to be her red carpet person, Vaiyapuri her shadow, Snehan her cook and Ganesh her massage person.

After that there was a ugly turn as oviya was chosen to the red carpet for Julie, while she pulls the carpet aggressively making julie fall. Snehan and Aarav tried to get oviya back on her sense and behave properly. Oviya said she is trying her best to patch up but others are not supporting.

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